Effective Leaders Engage Teams, Inspire Organizations & Optimize Business Outcomes.

Achieve Strategic, High-Impact Results through Executive Coaching and Organizational Effectiveness Solutions.

In today’s rapidly-changing, complex world, effective leadership has never been more important.

More than ever, our companies, our employees, and our communities need leaders who can:

Become that leader.

It’s a daunting challenge to grow personally, develop others, and maximize your organizational impact. This challenge may be the most meaningful opportunity you can have as a leader.

We deliver real-time actionable, development strategies that blaze the path forward for yourself, your team and your organization.

We are the right partner for you if you are seeking a transformative learning experience that will lead to results.

At The Carabiner Group, we believe success hinges on bridging your needs as a leader with the unique needs of the business. 

We customize and ground our coaching strategies and organizational effectiveness solutions in business reality. We operate from your context and offer real-time support so you’re equipped to inspire exceptional performance in yourself and others and accelerate organization performance.

“Like a multifunctional carabiner, we strive to ensure our partnership offers you a place to anchor and build from as you navigate the complexities of the business world and realize the promise of tomorrow.“

Jon Shuster – Founder of The Carabiner Group 

What if you could face leadership opportunities with a completely renewed sense of confidence and clarity? 

Here is how we will achieve your goals. Together.

Executive Coaching

Organizational Effectiveness

Team Coaching & Facilitation

Executive Coaching 

Executive Development Based on 25+ Years of Leadership and Coaching Experience

Seeking a coach is a commitment to your future as a leader and to the success of the organizations, relationships, and communities around you. 

People are your greatest source of competitive advantage. Yet, the challenges to employee well-being and retention have never been greater. Creating an environment where employees can bring their best and where diverse functions and processes are aligned will create a powerful culture that moves the organization forward.

Organizational Effectiveness 

Transforming companies and cultures to create powerful alignment to meet market and customer needs.

Team Coaching and Facilitation

Developing and executing strategies to grow team and individual team member capability a period.

Inspiring and guiding your leadership team’s ability to leverage their dynamics, relationships, and work activities will help them achieve exceptional performance and ensure organizational success.

Groups of cross-functional peers, including your next-level of aspiring and emerging leaders, are another critical audience to serve in support of your organization’s future.

Transform your life and unlock your leadership potential today. 

Our approach is based on years of coaching, consulting, and direct business experience. We enable leaders and their teams to become their best selves as they navigate complex circumstances and achieve remarkable results.

Inside the coaching space, we’ll blend theory with practice and real life application to drive learning. 

You’ll deepen critical capabilities by experimenting, adjusting, and improving. Our team will support you in your learning journey to drive the biggest impact. We hold up a mirror for you to help align your goals and behaviors in a powerful, honest, and engaging way that enables you to sustain long-term change.

In addition, I leverage the expertise of a trusted set of colleagues: expert coaches, consultants and advisors, to find the best ways to meet client needs regardless of the challenge.