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Jon Shuster

Over 20 years helping individuals, teams and companies achieve peak performance.

Jon Shuster, Founder and Principal of The Carabiner Group, provides coaching and organization effectiveness consulting to accelerate performance and build capability.

Jon offers to his clients a number of benefits and commitments:

Fit-for-purpose solutions grounded in business reality.  Jon’s direct business experience in the financial, retail, and apparel industries, along with his Kellogg MBA,  deeply inform his consulting.   Having p & l responsibilities, Jon understands the business drivers of success as well as the challenges organizations face.   He knows that life and day-to-day business don’t slow down to accommodate new solutions or a  different way of operating.   Jon shapes his consulting and solutions to fit his clients’ reality and business environment – not the other way around.

Truth-telling and compassionate listening.  Jon’s clients know they will hear the truth – he will say what is/ communicate what they need to hear.   While Jon’s clients can expect his directness and honesty, they can also count on his compassion, patience, and careful listening.    Being able to first meet clients where they are is a key to Jon’s success in getting them to where they want to be.

Increased Client Performance and Capability.  Success is not only about client excellence in delivering results but helping clients develop the capability to self-generate and self-perform.     Knowledge and skill transfer is an essential part of what Jon offers to his clients.

Deep consulting skills honed by his work with Fortune 100 companies.  Jon draws from his experience with Accenture and Watson Wyatt along with 10 years of independent consulting working with some of the best-known companies in the world, including Astra-Zeneca, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Gap and Nike.    Jon offers the value and cross-industry perspective of successful organization practices and lessons learned from top performers.

Organization and individual development expertise.  Jon has assisted his clients with mission and vision development, organization redesign, process improvement, and coaching.   His clients laud his facilitation skills with teams and groups of all sizes.    Jon also brings extensive experience helping his organization and individual clients manage change, including employee and stakeholder assessment, engagement planning, and transition management.

Cross-enterprise, cross-geography.   Jon has worked with leaders and employees at all levels and across multiple functions.   In addition, his flexibility, strong communication skills, and experience with global implementations enable him to partner with clients from all parts of the world.

Strategic and hands-on. Jon’s clients value his ability to provide strategic guidance yet also roll-up his sleeves to deliver.   Jon’s ability to go “both ways” not only ensures that short-term delivery aligns with long-term strategy, it enables him to flex to meet client needs as they vary within the course of an engagement.   As a leader and former project manager himself, Jon also knows it is the rare engagement that doesn’t require both strategic and hands-on perspective.

When not helping his clients, Jon divides his time between Oakland and San Diego, California.   He is a triathlete, competitive (in his own mind) tennis player, and appreciates live jazz.

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