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Jon helped create an overall organizational capability strategy for my team. He did an excellent job listening to our customers across multiple levels of my organization, he showed great versatility in providing strategic framing and direction alongside his capacity to deliver work deliverables and his sense of urgency was very impressive. I appreciated his experience and insight and I would certainly recommend him to others.

We owe a large portion of our high visibility project’s success to Jon, including his ability to anticipate stakeholder concerns and his coaching, which enabled me to more effectively engage, focus and influence others. I appreciated that Jon not only served as a strategic advisor but he also rolled-up his sleeves to help us develop and deliver hands-on solutions – my team valued him as a respected partner. We used Jon’s facilitation skills in critical decision-making meetings to help us to develop concurrence and commitment. I would gladly work with Jon on any future project.

I appreciated Jon’s style with my group and his ability to quickly make team members comfortable and open up. The work deliverables were exceptional.   As a result, our team integration is stronger, our mission is clearer, and team collaboration has increased.

Jon’s partnership was invaluable and I can’t imagine delivering this project without his expertise as planner, facilitator, strategist and sounding board.

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